Big weekend of competition for Team Nemesis

It was a big weekend of competitions at Team Nemesis MMA. We had members compete in MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Boxing on NFC inter club in Lilydale. The NFC inter club has been running for a number of years now and has been the birthplace of many of our Team Nemesis fighters. Team Nemesis is currently ranked #1 competition team in the NFC rankings for 2015 and we’re looking to keep it that way. As well as this we also had 3 of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team compete in the Renegade grappling competition, with Tin Ho placing 3rd in his division. With so many of our competitors doing so well in so many different disciplines, Team Nemesis is truly the home of MMA Melbourne.



Team Nemesis Muay Thai grading day

Well done to everyone who participated in the Team Nemesis Muay Thai Melbourne grading day. It was a tough session but great display of technique and heart shown. The day started off with a general warm up, followed by thai pad and boxing pad rounds, boxing, kickboxing and muay thai sparring, and finally some conditioning. It was great to see some of the new members grade to the higher singlets and the older members progress even further up the ranks. Well done to all involved! Team Nemesis is the home of Muay Thai Melbourne.

Team Nemesis is the home of Muay Thai Melbourne

Team Nemesis is the home of Muay Thai Melbourne


Results from WKA Victorian Amateur Combat Sports event

Tin Ho wins his Muay Thai fight on WKA

Tin Ho wins his Muay Thai fight on WKA. Team Nemesis – The home of Muay Thai Melbourne

Well done to the boys who competed in the WKA event yesterday. Phil & myself have been running this team since 2009 and we’ve had lots of people come to us & say they want to be fighters. Probably only 10% make it to the ring. After a while the novelty wears off, training stops being as much fun, people start to understand how tough its going to be & how much work they’ll have to put in (especially after a reality check such as a tough sparring session or an amateur match). They start finding excuses not to train and not to compete and eventually convince themselves that they never wanted to be a fighter anyway. 

Tin won his Muay Thai fight and is someone who showed determination & dedication right from the start, he’s been training for less than a year (i think) but has shown so much improvement in that time that he looks like a veteran fighter. If he keeps improving at the same rate he will be a big name to watch out for in the future.

Teens champion Daniel lost his Muay Thai fight but put on a great display of striking technique yesterday. Daniel already had a background in karate and came to us a few years ago. He and his Dad made it clear that they wanted Daniel to go as far as possible in the sport & since then he’s shown great maturity, dedication & consistency in his training, preparation & fighting. The most impressive thing about Daniel is that whatever the result of his fights, win, lose or draw, he’s straight back in the gym the next week to build on his experience & keep learning & improving.

Finally, Tim didn’t get a match yesterday due to a mix up with his opponent, however Tim was well prepared, warmed up & mentally ready to step up to ring with his fight being cancelled just minutes before. To me this is one of the most important traits a fighter can have. Lack of doubt. You have to be 100% sure that you are ready to fight whenever the time comes rather than continually putting it off and waiting for the perfect opportunity because before you know it the window of opportunity will pass you by. Tim will get a chance to show his skills next week in Lillydale instead. – Denis Kelly

Train at Team Nemesis, the home of Muay Thai and Kickboxing Melbourne


Coach Denis Kelly’s MMA highlight reel

When it comes to MMA coaching in Melbourne there is no one else more qualified than Denis Kelly. He is a Carlson Gracie Junior Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Victorian Welterweight MMA Champion, has had 16 Professional MMA Fights, and 20 Amateur MMA Fights. Check out his highlight reel.

If you’ve always wanted to train MMA Melbourne then Team Nemesis Martial Arts is the place to start learning.


Team Nemesis is launching a 10 week beginner Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Course in Melbourne


Classes are taught by Denis Kelly, a Gracie JiuJitsu Black Belt with many years of coaching & competition experience who has trained all over the world including Brazil, the USA, Japan and Europe. Brazilian JiuJitsu is one of the most effective systems of unarmed self defence in the world and is also a great way to get fit & learn new skills.

The 10 week introduction course will guide you through the basic skills & techniques of Brazilian Jiujitsu & the strategy of how to protect yourself & defeat bigger & stronger opponents. You will learn basic take-downs, throws, control positions, chokes & arm-locks as well as how to escape from grips & holds. Classes are on every Monday 7:30pm – 8:15pm. Course finishes on the 10th Aug 2015.

After completing Ten sessions you will be eligible for your first grading & then progression onto our fundamentals classes where you will be able to build on the skills you have developed on the introduction course.


It was a big weekend for Boxing and Muay Thai at Team Nemesis. Elliott, and Willie both winning there Amateur Boxing Debuts at Nick Lundhs VABL boxing night in Blackburn. On Sunday Young gun won his Muay Thai bout on Hammers Interclub. All these guys started training with us while they were young and have dedicated there lives to something positive. It has been great to see them progress and climb up the ranks. They are all future world champions in the making. Job well done! Start training today at the Team Nemesis – The home of Muay Thai Melbourne


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Melbourne – Bluebeltitis

‘Training doesn’t get easier – You get Tougher’.
One reason why some people become derailed along the way in their Martial Arts training is due to a condition known as ‘Blue-belt-itis’. This condition was first explained to me by my former training partner Simon Hayes who is probably the only person to be a multiple black belt in BJJ, Judo & Tae-kwon-do and also an Oscar winner.

This occurs when the student reaches a fairly significant milestone in their martial arts training, for example they achieve their Blue Belt in BJJ or compete in their first amateur fight or they win their first gold medal. What happens next? Suddenly they find lots of excuses not to turn up to training. Lots of injuries that they had previously been training around suddenly show up & make it impossible for them to turn up to class.

Why does this happen? Why do some people go to all this effort & then waste it? Wouldn’t it make more sense to continue with your hard work and keep improving & building on the progress that you’ve already made rather than cutting down on your training or dropping off & pretty much throwing it all away?

Previously my training partners & i believed that the cause of Blue-Belt-Itis was that the newly awarded Blue Belt was now under pressure & had a target on his back. All of his training partners who were still white belts would now be gunning for him trying their hardest to tap him out in every session. The pressure would be too much and rather than coming in to face this pressure on a nightly basis the newly promoted blue belt would suddenly get bogged down with work even though they had somehow managed to make it in to training every day for the last six months leading up to the promotion.
I’m not sure if this idea of pressure from your training partners really explains it all though. I think the big reason is that the student pushed really hard to get to the point where they did their best performance but they just aren’t prepared to keep making anything close to that same effort day in & day out to keep improving or maintain their level.

The truth is that no matter how difficult something is it is always possible to get through it if you just need to do it for a short time. This is the reason why some people can get good results with short term drastic diets but as soon as they stop the diet they go back to a worse position than they were before. Martial Arts isn’t a short term solution like a fad diet, its a long term solution where you are continually trying to make small improvements.

For this reason I always like this quote but not sure where i heard it from. ‘It’s not about who’s best, it’s about who’s left’ Anyone can come in and train hard & rough up their training partners for a few weeks, a few months or even a year. Try to keep doing it consistently for five or ten or twenty years. Its this kind of discipline that makes Martial Arts different from other sports.

Its also possible that the student has reached his goal but has then forgotten about the reasons that motivated him to get there in the first place. Maybe they were doing it all for the wrong reasons anyway. But whatever the motivation was that got them started its more important to focus on all the benefits that they gained from training on the way to achieving their goal (for example, fitness, confidence, weight loss), are they really prepared to throw away all these benefits & the progress they’ve made & go back to how they were before?

To get over all these problems I think its important to look as Martial Arts training as a long term part of your life rather than something that you just do for a short time and then forget about. Receiving a belt in BJJ or any other martial art is just an indication of what level you were at on that day but you need to look at it as a level that you need to maintain & improve upon rather than seeing it as a final destination. – Denis Kelly (Team Nemesis MMA Coach and BJJ Black Belt)

Team Nemesis is the home of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Melbourne